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Joe Jonas Is Not Giving Ashley Greene Anything To Work With



Does anyone see his purity ring? *giggles* These two looked tired and drunk, doncha think? The DListed article (hilarious as always, MichaelK) mocks Joe for not being all over Ms Greene like he should be!

Gave her a lovely Chanel charm bracelet for her bday. Not too shabby, right?!

Joe Jonas Is Not Giving Ashley Greene Anything To Work With.


Joe Jonas’s purity ring is off, probably because of Ashley Greene’s vadge

Am I really writing about this twice in one day??? What is wrong with me?!?!  Honestly, I do not care about Joe Jonas or any of the other Jonai. But, I do like Ashley Greene and it was bugging me to think that someone as hot as she is is dating some tool wearing a purity ring.  But, according to this funny article, the ring is off! I bet Ashley was like “Dude, don’t be a damn hypocrite. Take the freaking ring OFF”…I think Miley Cyrus used to wear one *snorts derisively*…come to think of it, the purity ring seems to almost guarantee that one will NOT be pure.  Parents, do NOT make your kids wear the purity rings!  They’ll be out whoring it up before you know it! lol

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2010 MTV VMA White Carpet Fashion

My only comment here on the fashion is about Ashley Greene…I would just like to borrow her portable wind machine so I can have wind blown locks for all my pictures. *cackles* But I think she’s a pretty girl…that’s just too much POSING and too much of costume versus just being a dress, kwim?

Did anyone watch the MTV VMAs?  Not me. It was all football then Mad Men…more on my Jon Hamm later after I wipe the drool from my chin.

2010 MTV VMA White Carpet Fashion.

Naked Pix

Sigh. Saw that there are some of Ashley Greene now…and that Vanessa Hudgens person had a 2nd set of nudie pix come out recently…WHYWHYWHYWHY?? Do they really think that no one will ever see them? Or that their ‘friends’ won’t sell them?? Or, maybe they WANT them out there? Who knows. Just seems so stupid. Nothing says Serious Actress like naked photos on the internet, right?

And, btw, you just *know* that there’s a Miley Cyrus sex tape out there…just waiting for the right time to be leaked. Ugh. Again, parents?? Control your teenage daughters, please! Tell them that even just joking around w/nude pix and then deleting them is dumb! Seems like there is no permanent deletion…stuff always comes back…(so thankful to have BOY children right about now)