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January Jones vs. Diane Kruger: Who’d You Rather?



Oh MY!  This one is a toughie!  January Jones versus Diane Kruger?? Hmm. My first thought is Diane, definitely. But then I worry I’m discounting JJ b/c of her bitchy Mad Men persona in Betty Draper.

Btw, HATING JJ’s makeup in this pic. Gold eyeshadow (which I normally like w/blue eyes but hers is caked on a bit) and then the blood red lips…kind of garish.  Makes Diane look softer and prettier and more natural in comparison.


January Jones vs. Diane Kruger: Who’d You Rather?.


It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Frugmas!

It's Santa Frug!

Ah, Frugmas!  It’s the one time of year that the Frug opens that wallet and semi-willingly buys something for his long-suffering, much adored, loving wife.  However, much like what has happened w/Aunt Sage (more on THAT later), I must basically select said gift(s) and he either clicks the link to buy or must go out and SHOP. LOL  Such pain.  It is part of my Frugmas joy though.  Knowing he is out there, possibly in a MALL, credit card in hand, shaking with fear.  muahaha

So, what is on my list this year?  (other than World Peace, obviously)  Have been searching for a new scent. Other than Eau d’Old Whore naturally.  I tend to hate most fragrances.  I was in a store the other day and some woman’s perfume gave me such a headache, it was like a knife into my eyes. (yes, the scent hurt my eyes somehow – that’s where I get headaches, like right behind my eyes, kwim?)  Anyway, I was a BIG Calvin Klein Obsession gal.  Yeah, I’m an 80’s gal, you knew that!  I wore it well into the 90’s too!  The last perfume I had and loved was Prada. The Frug got it for me a few bdays ago. I actually used the whole bottle (not at one time tho! ha)  The one he got had the old-time squeezey atomizer thing. Reminded me of my mom’s perfumes…  So, anyway, I have been trying out a bunch of scents…I like clean, sort of powdery, not too cloyingly sweet, no vanilla or anything edible…(honestly, why would you want to smell like pumpkin spice, kwim?)  I have decided on another Prada…it’s Prada ‘L’eau Ambree’.  Very pretty.  Although, G tried to destroy it by saying me to ‘Uh, Mom, it kinda smells like Old Lady’  WTH?!  I certainly hope not.  Although, Old LADY just might trump Old WHORE, kwim?! haha I am hopeful that Santa Frug comes thru.  It’s only available in Prada Boutiques and Neiman’s and Nordstrom’s.  All places guaranteed to make him break out in hives.  Again, part of the joy of Frugmas!

Another item on my list is a new black leather jacket. Am thinking of a badass motorcycle style.  B/c I am so badass, you know?!  I have 2 older ones. One has giant shoulder pads.  And, is sort of larger, 80’s style! 😉  Why did we wear oversized stuff??  Did we not realize it made us all look LARGER?!  Hello, common sense!?!  Anyway, I haven’t seen one I love yet.  I need one that is a bit longer than the average one b/c of my freakishly long torso. (am built a bit like Barney Rubble…long torso, short legs. Hot.)  And, I like soft, buttery leather. Many of these jackets are stiff.

yeah, I am really liking her jacket

The Frug liked the jacket January Jones was wearing on the cover of GQ.  Look at the photo.  Do you even SEE a jacket on her?  All I see are her very round, very pretty boobs!  I did look at the magazine to see what kind of jacket it was…it was Dolce and Gabbana and said ‘call for price’…not Frugal at all.  So, not sure if this item will be under the tree.  I couldn’t provide an exact style, direct link to purchase, etc! lol

Another item is a pair of shooties.  I have been obsessing over KStew’s awesome ones from the New Moon tour but, obviously, they are not Frugal. Found these Nine West ones while doing non-selfish shopping (oops, guess it actually WAS selfish – imagine that!)…the style is called Donuvan. They’re cute. Not exactly the ones I wanted but close enough.  They were $99 on sale BUT I also got an additional 30% off!  So so so very Frugal.  These will NOT be under the tree since I decided I had to wear them immediately!  But, I think they ‘count’ as a Christmas pressie!

I think that there is going to be something crazy under the tree though.  The Frug likes LEGGINGS.  Yes, leggings.  How do you think Barney or Fred would look in them?  Hot, right?  Anyway, I *think* he is getting these:

Oh yeah. I am going to look not-small in these. God help me.

What am I going to wear with these?  And WHERE can I wear them?  Certainly not to a function at the kids’ school! LOL  Maybe I should be on the treadmill instead of blogging???  Wish me luck. I am almost positive I will be seeing these.  And no, YOU will not be seeing me in them! lol and not kidding, damnit.

Well, I better log off. It’s a freaking BLIZZARD here.  Perfect time to fold laundry. Wrap presents. Ignore husband, kids, dog, cat. My usual glam life stuff.

Move over, Kate Beckinsale!

It’s January Jones!  The Frug just got his GQ magazine and this is the image that greeted him:

This is NOT Betty Draper!

This is NOT Betty Draper!

Looks like Ms. Jones is going to be added to the Freebie 5 for the Frug.  Can’t blame him…I may add her to *my*list. 😉

Twilight: Our Recasting Wish List

Ooohhhh…interesting…even though it’s been a shitstorm over recasting the Victoria role for Eclipse, Entertainment Weekly has an article with some fascinating ideas for recasting the other roles. Sacrilegious, I know. But, RIGGINS as Emmett?? Yum.  January Jones as Esme?? Evan Rachel Wood as Rosalie???  Check it out…Discuss…

Twilight: Our Recasting Wish List

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