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Katie Holmes “Horrified” by Suri Penis Gummies Incident – Moms & Babies – UsMagazine.com



haha! The infamous “Penis Gummies” incident!  Apparently, Katie addressed this photo on Ellen the other day.

(In pics that stormed the web, Suri checked out a colorful box of “Penis Gummies,” featuring drawings of anatomically correct chewy candies.)

Continued Holmes sheepishly: “P-e-n-i-s gummies. I said, oh wow those aren’t Swedish fish. . . They are called p-e-n-i-s gummies and they look like it.”


Um, Katie? You can say penis. You’re a grown woman and a mother. It’s the anatomically correct term for it. Spelling it out like that makes it seem like you’re afraid of it…or maybe are just unfamiliar with it?? Hmm.

Katie Holmes “Horrified” by Suri Penis Gummies Incident – Moms & Babies – UsMagazine.com.


Katie Holmes high waist with Tom Cruise denim explosion in New York 22june10

Honestly, people. Who looks good in high waisted jeans???  They are hopelessly fug. The epitome of MOM jeans (enjoy the SNL video below too!), right??  According to the body type/jeans guide, *I* am supposed to wear high waisted jeans (due to my freakishly long torso)…um, NO.

Katie Holmes high waist with Tom Cruise denim explosion in New York 22june10.

Celeb Stalking/Paps/Etc

So, it may be pretty apparent by now that I have a minor, passing crush on a certain Robert Pattinson.  You may have heard of him…he was in this little indie flick called New Moon…just came out, perhaps you have heard of it?…and, it may have come across as if I was planning on stalking him in NYC…

Hmmm.  Maybe.  It wasn’t real stalking.  Just checked my gossip sites and twitter, etc. to see if he was anywhere in the city.

Sadly, despite my best efforts, I did not see him in NYC this past weekend. I did sense his British hotness in the air though. It’s part of our intense celeb-crazy fan connection. haha

BUT, after seeing this insanity while out shopping in Soho, I am starting to maybe question my stalker tendencies. Robin was with me at this point.  We were just leaving Topshop (loved it in there…so many funfunfun things that I will never buy!)…turn right…and see the strangest thing. About 30+ people, standing silently outside of the Madewell store. Staring into the windows…at a distance tho, not taking pix or storming the place. Just standing.  I asked one of the men with the gigantic cameras who was in the store and he said ‘Katie Holmes‘…we looked in the window for a sec then moved on.  A bit later, I saw her come out and saw all the flashbulbs.  Scene repeated when she went into Topshop. It was creepy…like watching golf…the crowd just moved to the next hole, in a manner of speaking.

Not that I don’t like Katie…but I wasn’t going to hang out and gawk if it wasn’t you-know-who.  But, the whole scene made me feel yucky. The poor girl was just shopping. What’s the big deal?? I cannot imagine being famous and having idiots follow me around and take pix while I do mundane everyday stuff. The price of fame? I don’t know.  Just seemed intrusive and awful.  Now don’t go thinking I am canceling my RPattz obsession.  I am just starting to get a twinge of guilt. Not growing a conscience for goodness sake!  😉

But, what if he *had* been the one they were waiting for?  Would I have stood there, staring?  I like to think that no, I would have walked away…grossed out by the circus. I hope so.

NYC – the Shopping

Ah, New York. So much shopping, so little time. So little money. Le sigh. The thing about shopping is that is can be fun even if you don’t purchase anything.  Especially in New York. On Saturday, after the pleasure and pain filled morning at the baths (tremble shudder moan squeal), we went shopping. Just a little.  Hoping for some sort of fab outfit that I could wear to stalk and capture Robert Pattinson. Since the baths took much more time than we planned, we decided to stick close to the hotel that was NOT in Soho and ended up at Century 21.  Have you heard of it? When Ashley mentioned it I was like ‘um, isn’t that a real estate company? the one wear they wear yellow jackets?’ Apparently not!  She described it as ‘TJ Maxx on crack’. A pretty apt description. They had Manolo Blahnik shoes for like 75% off.  Granted, they were the ugliest f*cking shoes I have ever seen but hey, they were a bargain! lol  So so so many shoes.  Everything from 9 West to the Manolos and in between. And that was just the shoe dept. Oh, and so so so so many (@$&)@ people. This place is not for the claustrophobic.

Browsed shoes. Looking for sky high f*ck me Robert pumps or over the knee boots. Practical stuff, kwim? Just wasn’t in the cards. Onto the clothes! Holy cow, so many clothes. Overwhelming. And a little skeevy. Just too many people, too many hands touching everything. Ick. I went back there on Sunday before I had to go to the train station and looked again. Sadly for me (and happily for the AmEx), NADA for me. But, I have high hopes for the next time I am up there. Which, please God, won’t be another 3-5 years.

On Sunday morning, Ashley left (Beer Fest in the Poconos – so cool – not) and Robin had a brunch date w/a girlfriend. That left me blissfully alone. ALONE. I spent several hours just walking thru Soho and parts of Chinatown ALONE. No one spoke to me. I spoke to no one. No one wanted a piece of me, kwim?  Funny, I spend years worried, consumed with fear of being alone for the rest of my life and now I CRAVE alone time. It’s just that rare.

Went to American Apparel (got a cute gray cotton jumper which I wore home on the train. Was almost like a nightgown but shorter and cuter!), Topshop…this place was COOL. Just opened.  It’s a UK store, filled with all kinds of merchandise that a boring suburban mom should not even glance at, let alone buy!  Love. LOVE. Expensive as hell. And so cool. Bought nothing. Shoegasm. Had to go in there, of course.  Madewell. Didn’t go in there b/c Katie Holmes was in there and the paparazzi had it surrounded. More on that later. Hit H&M right before the train. Wanted to see and HAVE a pair of the Jimmy Choo for H&M shoes. The only thing I said as much as ‘but more importantly, where is Robert Pattinson?’ was ‘I must have some CHOOS! I need those CHOOS!’ (please note that Choos sounds like Shoes. I found that quite funny. Robin and Ashley somehow grew tired of that. Bitches)

Look at the Choos! The fabulous Choos!

As you can imagine, this whole cheap Jimmy Choo thing was popular!  There were so few left. The first store we went into was sold out. The one near Penn Station had some.Not sure how clearly you can see the images above. I tried on the black stilettos (2nd image in, top row) and the zebra print ones (bottom row, on right). Le sigh. So so so sad. Weird european sizes. I was somewhere in between a 39 and a 40. The sizes made me feel fat somehow!  Anyway, couldn’t find a pair that fit. And, truth be told…they were so cheap. And awful. The leather was so stiff. I’m glad they didn’t fit b/c if they had fit, I would have been compelled to buy them. And suffer the consequences…the AmEx, the blisters. Not sure which would have been more painful??

The sum total of my weekend purchases? The American Apparel jumper ($30? maybe) and a pair of tights. The Frug is breathing a sigh of relief. AmEx is pissed.