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Paris Hilton — First Photos Since Cocaine Arrest

First of all, Paris HIlton is a dumb bitch. *whew* had to get last off my chest. I mean, how many times has she been arrested in the last 3 months? 3! WTH? And she has already been to jail for this stuff. And, she’s trying to say ‘the cocaine wasn’t mine’ sssssuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeee. Does she think we are as dumb as she is??  I sure hope her “fame” doesn’t get her out of this one.

And I hate her stupid hat and sunglasses and fug ass bathing suit.

I may be PMSy…just maybe 😉

Paris Hilton — First Photos Since Cocaine Arrest.


OMG! Fun “Toy” to Play With!

This is from newbeauty.com (check the rest of the site out too…lots to read…if you are into superficial/shallow beauty crap! LOL)…

Just played with this fun little widget thingy more than a few minutes. You can upload you picture (hair pulled back) and then manipulate the image with stuff like:
lip augmentation
nose job
eyebrow lift
weight reduction(!)
And more!

My only complaint is the nose job option just narrowed my schnoz…it left the pointy tip…usually my nose looks like the Owen Wilson penis nose thing from that SNL skit…after this ‘makeover’ it looked more like Paris Hilton’s nose. Thinking Owen Wilson is better overall, right?! 🙂

Go! Enjoy!

Shit. The ‘too much time on her hands’ thing is showing again, isn’t it?

Click here:

Whore Update

After hearing a bit of backlash from Megan Fox fans (yes, Brad, YOU) I want to clarify something…I have no idea if any of the celebs that I think are Old Whores or Young Whores are actually whores. I just think they LOOK like they could be…or were…or may end up being…

So, my apologies to Megan Fox, Kate Hudson, Pamela Anderson, Shannen Doherty, Goldie Hawn, Jessica Simpson, Tara Reid, Nicollete Sheridan, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, et al.  Please read the above clarification about Whores.

That is all.