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Dirty Dancing – flashback to my college days

Someone sent me this video – it’s a deleted scene from Dirty Dancing…holy dry humping, Batman!


Patrick Swayze, Hollywood’s Dirty Dancer, Dead at 57

This is such sad news. I am Crazy for Swayze! He was such an icon for girls in the 80s. He was Johnny Castle, for goodness sake! I too wanted to lose my virginity somewhere in the Catskills w/Johnny Castle! RIP, Patrick. We had the Time of Our Lives, thanks to you…

Patrick Swayze, Hollywood’s Dirty Dancer, Dead at 57

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Celebrities Who May Be Selfish in Bed

This morning, after the alarm rang and was promptly SMASHED, I drifted back to sleep a bit…you know how sometimes you can be asleep for 5 minutes and yet you have the most vivid, hallucinatory dreams?  Well, it was kind of like that today.  

I was thinking of Patrick Swayze circa Dirty Dancing and then Road House…he was yummy back then…recent pix of him have been so sad…I hope the poor guy isn’t in too much pain…Anyway, I was half-asleep thinking that he seemed like he would be a ‘giver’…a guy who would make sure the job got done…nice guys finish last…you know…then I started thinking about some of my favs and what category they would fall in…

Selfish – Stumble into Bed, Smelling of Whiskey and Cigs

  1. Colin Farrell
  2. Robert Pattinson – and this saddens me to think it
  3. Robert Downey Jr.
  4. Daniel Craig
  5. Gerard Butler
  6. Vince Vaughn
  7. Clive Owen
  8. Kiefer Sutherland


  1. John Mayer
  2. Ed Westwick (unless he is gay??)
  3. Bradley Cooper
  4. Lance Armstrong


  1. Brad Pitt (you know Angie won’t put up w/any slacking in this dept)
  2. Adrien Brody (think about this one for a sec)
  3. Johnny Depp
  4. Ryan Phillipe
  5. Coach Taylor
  6. George Clooney
  7. Stephen Moyer (True Blood guy)

Again, I have no idea if this is even close to being correct!  Nor will I ever find out! LOL

Thoughts?  Discuss…

Fictional Men I Swoon For

  1. Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing
  2. James Bond in Casino Royale (Daniel Craig)
  3. Vaughn in Alias 
  4. Chandler Bing in Friends (only when he was thin AND with Monica)
  5. Don Draper in Mad Men
  6. Coach Taylor in Friday Night Lights
  7. Riggins in Friday Night Lights
  8. Edward Cullen in the Twilight Books (but not Robert Pattinson)