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Shower Scene from Remember Me

I have 5 words to say:



Last Weekend & a Mini Movie Review

Wow, I am so behind. Suddenly, it’s Saturday aka Date Night and I realized I never blogged about last weekend’s Date Night. I know Bob and Fawn just love to be blogged about ūüėČ ¬†Went out to dindin w/Bob and Fawn. ¬†Wore my Winter Uniform of jeans and boots and black turtleneck. ¬†Cute but casual ūüėČ Had mediocre Italian food and (gasp) drank Prosecco. (it’s a Zin-free establishment, grumble) ¬†Proceeded to the White Trashapoolza bar that the Frug and I love. Guess what? ¬†It’s a White Zin place. Go figure. lol Not sure it was Fawn’s fav place…not fancy enough ūüėČ

Chatted about all kinds of stuff. Ran the whole concept of Happy Endings for Women past Fawn. ¬†Led to some revelations about the DC gay scene (not that there’s anything wrong with that AND not that Bob/Fawn/Frug/I know anything about it personally)…did you know that there are places in DC where a guy can get an anonymous BJ? ¬†Like you go in and stick your peen in a hole and there’s a guy (I guess?) on the other side who takes care of biznaz for you…I have read about stuff like that before but didn’t realize (so na√Įve I guess) that it’s real, kwim?? ¬†Again, as a fairness and equality question…are there places for women like that? ¬†How in the Hell would that even work? ¬†I still think, gay or straight, that women are just wired differently and the concept of sticking your hoohah out for anonymous servicing just wouldn’t work. ¬†Just MHO.

Wow, hell of a tangent I was on there! ¬†Yikes. Oh yeah. The movie. ¬†Up in the Air. Clooney. Vera Farmiga (from The Departed). Anna Kendrick (Jessica from Twilight!). Overall, really liked it. Basic premise is that Clooney is a professional fire-er (one who fires people for companies who don’t want to do it themselves)…he’s on the road most of the year…racking up frequent flier miles and perks…and having no real personal life at all. ¬†Vera is the woman he meets on the road and connects with. ¬†Anna K. ¬†is the new girl who comes up with a system to fire people via video conference, which would effectively ground Clooney…as an intro to the world of Terminations, he and Jessica (sorry, she just IS Jessica – that little bouncy ponytail of hers is an acting method in and of itself) travel around, leaving sobbing just-fired folks in their wake. ¬†He teaches her all about how to fly effectively, which programs to join, how to crash other company’s parties, all the important stuff.

The whole movie gave me flashbacks of my life in the evil corporate world. And NOT in a good way. (Although I do have fond memories of traveling w/friends and using our per diems creatively ūüėČ ¬†) ¬†It wasn’t a typical Clooney smug-smirk-look-at-me-and-my-cool-hip-buddies-like-Brad-Pitt movie. I liked him in this role. Def. playing the aging exec. well. He is appealing to me, still. ¬†No Robert Pattinson OBVIOUSLY though ūüėČ ¬†Jessica is up for a bunch of awards for this role. ¬†She really plays it well (bouncy pony tail acting aside)…she’s sort of na√Įve, so painfully young, hasn’t lived life enough to get that firing people is personal. Watching her grow-up a bit and get it was very cool.

So, yeah, go see it, if you haven’t already. ¬†Good stuff. ¬†Made me so happy to be RETIRED from all that corporate b/s. ¬†Shudder.

**editing back in…forgot to mention…they showed the ¬†trailer for Remember Me (Robert Pattinson’s upcoming movie)…I had forgotten about it…sat there (mildy tipsy) and purred. ¬†Loudly. Literally. The Frug was mortified. ¬†LOL**

Quick Rob Update

You know, I hate to give bad news around the holidays…just seems so wrong. ¬†But, in the interest of honesty, I have to let you know:

I’m breaking up with Robert Pattinson. (okay, maybe we’re just on a break)

I know.

I know this seems like it’s out of the blue. ¬†It feels like I just confessed my little fantasy about me and Rob. ¬†Rob & I are together and I’m wearing KStew’s amazing shoes… but it’s been building up for a month or so now. Started with the New Moon promotions. ¬†He was EVERYWHERE. Couldn’t get away from him. Interviews in magazines, tv, online. ¬†The bloggers were all over him — so many pix, videos, analyzing every hair on his head, every word out of his mouth…He was just in my face all the time. Which you would think I would love…but…it almost gave me the ICK. I guess there is such a thing as ‘too much Rob.’ ¬†Sigh.

So, I went to NYC the weekend New Moon came out. ¬†He knew I was there. He could feel the magnetic attraction between us — but, he was playing coy and stayed just out of reach! ūüėČ ¬†Maybe he was just being nice and letting me have a Girls Weekend? ūüėČ ¬†When I got home, the Rob drought began…the holidays kicked into gear…and I realized ‘hey, I haven’t thought about Rob in a while’…haven’t been googling him, haunting the robsessed blogs, nothing. ¬†And, guess what? ¬†I don’t miss him! ¬†I know!

I’m not ruling out a future reconciliation. ¬†After all, he and I go way back (to June ’09 at least)…Remember Me is coming out in March (I think) and Eclipse in June. ¬†There’s hope. ¬†And, there is all the hotness to consider. ¬†Maybe I am just backing off on my Robsession so I can maybe get a sweet Christmas gift from the Frug?? ¬†Who knows?

Not sure how Rob will handle this news. I’m glad he has KStew to help him heal from my break-up. ¬†But, one thing…even though I’m not w/Rob now…I still want Kristen’s shoes. ¬†Seriously.