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And They\’re Holding Hands

Dammit!  Fun Bob wanted to head downtown last night to celeb-watch and we decided not to!!  WAH!  And, making it WORSE, JON HAMM was there!  I repeat *panting* JON HAMM!!!!! FML.

Anyone else think ScarJo dyed her hair darker to look older and more serious for Sean Penn?  Anyone else think she looks a little bloated???? *meows*  Anyone else think her dress is too conservative and corporate and makes her look like a suburban mommy on a “big night out”? *hisses*

And They\’re Holding Hands.


ScarJo And Sean Penn Are Living Together


MichaelK is hilarious today:

Usually my decision to move in with someone I barely know happens because of dickmatization.

If the dick is good, I think that by moving in with them I’ll have good dick whenever I want it! Like a never-ending buffet of good dick without a line. But then I soon realize that the good dick is attached to a douchebag who will change the channel to CNN when I’m trying to watch House Hunters International, and will hide my dog at his ex-wife’s apartment after reading a semi-sexy time e-mail I sent to a stranger (that happened in real life). But I’m sure this will never happen to ScarJo since Sean Penn has a pristine history of being completely reasonable and totally calm in relationships!

ScarJo And Sean Penn Are Living Together.

Rep: Scarlett Johansson “Not Pregnant,” Jogging Pics “Misleading” – Moms & Babies – UsMagazine.com



So many comments, so little time. A) Sean Penn is out jogging?? WTF? He is way too cool (and perhaps old? lol) to be jogging. B) This pic has a “pap set-up” look to me…like someone tipped them off that the pair would be out together…and that seems douchey for these two C) Someone has some chub!  And it’s NOT Sean Penn! Nice tummy, ScarJo!  *cackles evilly* The post said her rep said she’s not preggo…and I don’t think she is…just looks like a burger belly!  *snorts* and finally D) Sweet Baby Jesus, is she wearing those fugly monster feet “shoes”????  aaaahhhhh!

Rep: Scarlett Johansson “Not Pregnant,” Jogging Pics “Misleading” – Moms & Babies – UsMagazine.com.

Scarlett Johansson took boyfriend Sean Penn to Reese Witherspoon’s wedding 01apr11



O.M.G. She asked Sean Penn to be her date to a stereotypical “Hollywood Wedding”? He must really like her. And he’s officially ScarJo’s “boyfriend”? I have to say, I’m impressed. I can’t imagine Sean Penn being anyone’s “boyfriend” b/c he is all MAN. Wait, he is still one of the ultimate Boy Boys tho. *confused*

Whatevs. These two are having the scorching hot sex. Sizzling. Again, he was married to MADONNA…you just know he knows stuff.  *faints*  And she is officially ruined for all other men. How could anyone compare to Sean Penn and his bad ass mofo self??

Scarlett Johansson took boyfriend Sean Penn to Reese Witherspoon’s wedding 01apr11.

Scarlett Johansson has foot in Sean Penn’s lap during lunch 02mar11



Hard to see in this pic but the lovely ScarJo has her foot in very very close proximity of Sean Penn’s peen. Who does that? In broad daylight? When both are celebs? And ones who are known for being pretty private?? Hmm. Makes me think naughty thoughts. Very naughty.

So, have I ever mentioned that I think Sean Penn is a sexy mofo? Not in a “he’s so hot” sexy way. More like he is the Ultimate Bad Bad Bad boy (MAN) and he would be dark and brooding and domineering and passionate…and the man was married to MADONNA so he knows his way around a woman’s nether regions, j/s.

*fans self*

Nice work, ScarJo.

Scarlett Johansson has foot in Sean Penn’s lap during lunch 02mar11.