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New Shape Ups!

The one on the right is from the pair I wore for a year…compare it to the brand new shoe on the left!!!  Even Dr. Frugenstein cannot deny that I needed new sneaks!

Dilemma…what is a casual shoe, closed toe possibly, that can be worn with jeans and capri length pants for fall?? Something that would be worn in lieu of flip flops?  So, definitely casual…but not a sneaker…with longer jeans, it’s boots obviously…but, I have a pair of slouchy boyfriend-ish jeans that are rolled up at the cuff and have no idea what kind of shoe one wears. A flip flop would work for now but what about when the weather turns colder???


**editing back in…LMac asked if I am opposed to ‘cute ballet flats’ and the answer is YES, I am violently opposed to them!  (for me, not for others) A) thicker legged gals like myself look tres stocky in flats like that and B) they are bad for your feet! No arch support!


Ready to See My New Snow Boots??

Yeah, probably not. Remember me complaining that all that snow prevented me from wearing my ShapeUps?  I just know that that contributed to the 3 Christmas lbs. (quiet, the cookies had nothing to do with it…ssshhh)  Well, lookie what I bought!  That’s right…

ShapeUps that I can wear in the snow! woot!

ShapeUps BOOTS! Just when you thought Uggs couldn’t be UGLIER…(wow, that’s a heck of a tagline…I wonder if the Sketcher’s folks would pay me for that??)  They’re like F’Uggs. (Faux Uggs?  or Fuglier Uggs?)  Same bottom as the sneakers but boots!  Nice and comfy/fuzzy inside. Just wore them to go clean the snow off of my car…will wear them to walk Otis later.

They were $140 (pipe down, Frug – I used money I got from Aunt Sage!  You won’t find them on the AmEx!) which is a boat load of money for me.  Thankfully, they’re a GIFT!  I figured that since I love the sneaks, the boots were a natural progression.  They had lower ones and ones that lace up and have fur but they weren’t kind to the ‘athletic calves’…

So, ShapeUps sneakers AND now these boots. At this rate, my a$$ is going to be AMAZING by spring…right? lolololololololol

Sea Hag to Old Whore Update

So, as promised, here’s my update on my magical transformation from Sea Hag back into an Old Whore. Cue eye roll and derisive snicker. Back in Sept., you may recall that I looked in the mirror and, much to my chagrin, saw the yellow fried straw that was my hair…the wrinkled brown-spotted leather that was my skin…the sagging mass of jello that was my butt…I vowed to ameliorate (that’s for you, Jen) the hideous situation(s)…

So, part of my plan has WORKED!  Shocking!!  Here’s the good stuff:

LATISSE!  WOW.  This stuff really really works.  Been using it since early Sept. My eyelashes are, in word, f*ckingamazing.  Long LONG. Black. So black that I can go without mascara (actually look better without mascara b/c they are just so long — the mascara is best saved for Date Nights or other special occasions) and are so black that it seems to look like I have eyeliner on (top only) even when I don’t!  WIN WIN WIN!  The only drawback, if you could call it that, is that the lashes do need to be curled or I look a bit like the Snuffleupagus.  And, I have decided to start using the Latisse every other night, rather than every night.  Cannot imagine having them even longer than they are! Epic WIN! 😉

long, black, uncurled lashes

The next thing that was WORKED (woot!) is the Sketchers Shape Ups! Remember these not-cool-looking sneaks?

Shape Ups for the WIN!

They are vaguely orthopedic looking, no?  But, they are so comfy.  Seriously could wear them all day and night.  I wear them on the treadmill, walking the Black Beast, doing errands.  It’s like walking on fluffy clouds.  AND, the best part?  I swear to God…my butt *is* higher and tighter!  Not like you would ever look at me and say ‘OMG, her butt is so small and tight and hot’ or anything..but…I am 43 and my butt is looking maybe 40 now! 😉  Another WIN!

Onto the hair.  This one is difficult to categorize due the ever-changing nature of the beast.  One day I’m freshly highlighted and trimmed, the next? Big gray stripe and split ends!  WTH?  But, overall, my hair is vastly improved. Have had it done 3x since Sept. (maintenance is a b*tch, people) with LOWlights…had the just the roots touched up as well. And, I asked my guy, Danny, to ‘warm it up’ this last time.  And THAT has really helped.  It’s just so much better than my ‘cool’ tone, which surprised me b/c I am naturally more of an ash blonde (and G is a very ashy almost green haired kid)…but, instead of it becoming orangey or reddish (which is what warm meant in my head), it’s just subtly more of a caramel tone, I think. Still highlighted but toned way down. Much much better, methinks.

Now, the one thing that hasn’t really worked.  The skin. Have used the tri-luma cream since mid-September.  Overall, my skin is lighter and slightly (very) more even.  However, there are still brown splotches!  I have even been using an SPF 50 moisturizer each day! AND, on the advice of the esthetician, I added a glycolic acid as part of the a.m. routine.  Really hoped for more.  She had said that I would probably want to move to something more aggressive like the Obagi stuff. (LMac?  Good stuff, right??)  Sigh.  I guess so.  KBB advised a laser treatment but I’m still too scared 😉  Oh, and another downside is that you cannot wax when using a retinoid like tri-luma.  Apparently, the skin is weakened and the wax could rip off another layer (or 2!) of skin!  Yikes.  So, that meant I have had to do ‘threading’ which is &@$@) torture.  Brows, lip, chin.  Agony. Way more painful than waxing.  Grumble.

Overall, not too shabby.  At my age, I will take any improvements!  Better to move ever-so-slightly ahead than to backslide, right?? Right.  But, we’re having this blizzard and what’s a girl to do? EAT. Not walk the doggie in her Shape Ups. Merry Fatmas! LOL

Halloween Candy Be Damned!!

Yeah, I’m lazy…am re-posting another item I wrote a year ago…damnit, I was way funnier and more creative a year ago!  *wails* What has happened to me!

OMG, so I *just* blog about saying hell no to the Halloween Candy and head out to Costco.  Mistake. (not matter what time you go, it’s a zoo…you buy too much…etc.etc.) As soon as I walk in, there it is. The MOUNTAIN of Halloween Candy. It was piled high, taller than I am!  Enormous bags of aalllll the good stuff.  And, it spoke to me.

Halloween Candy:  KKKKkkkkkkkeeeeeellllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Come over here! Come look at our adorable packaging! We’re here at Costco so we are obviously a ‘good deal’ and ‘Frug-approved’…

Me: F*ck off, candy.

Halloween Candy: C’mon! We love you! We’re here for you, always!  You are looking so skinny!  Must be those Sketchers Shape-ups you bought…

Me: STFU, candy. I quit you.

Halloween Candy: You can’t quit us! We are in MINI packages!  Mini packages can never hurt you! It’s all good! And, dark chocolate is good for you!

Me: growl…hisssss…..

Halloween Candy: You’ve had a hard day, you DESERVE some candy! You’ve done laundry, the dishes, walked the dog…cyber-stalked Robert Pattinson…

Me: Edward Cullen???  Robert??? (dazed look in my eyes)

Halloween Candy: That’s right, come on over here…hold the 100 piece bag in your hands…tthhhaaaatttt’ssssss iiiitttttt…ggggoooooodddd.

Me: You are my personal brand of heroin, chocolatey deliciousness…

Me: Candy?  You.Complete.Me.

Me: Wait! Nnnnnnnnoooooooooooo! I can’t! GAH!

Toss bag back into bin…run away, screaming…

New Product for my A$$

As part of my Fall Goals, I need to literally get my a$$ in gear.  I workout, I walk the dog, etc. but I needed *something* else…So, after much internal debate, I bought the Sketchers Shape-Ups!

they are a bit orthopedic looking, no?

they are a bit orthopedic looking, no?

I got them thru zappos.com (free shipping and free returns – woot!) and they arrived on Tues. I wore them Tues. on my 2 Otis walks and def. felt it both while walking AND the next morning. I wore them on the treadmill on Thurs. and WOW what a workout!  I kept my usual pace and incline but the addition of these shoes made me sweat like crazy…which must be good, right?  I can feel something in my ‘glutes’ with each step (b/c of the way it forces your heel to strike the ground)…again, that *must* be good…

Check out the info on the Shape-ups here…