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Taylor Lautner attends the premiere of The Runaways 12mar10

I like what Lainey is saying in this article. How they are totally ‘packaging’ poor TayTay into this slick Hollywood guy.  It’s icky.

Taylor Lautner attends the premiere of The Runaways 12mar10.


One Quick Twilight/New Moon thing

Squeal!! OMG, the new trailer!  Woot!  Even the stupid wolf business looks good 😉  The Volturi – amazing…and how creepy is Dakota Fanning as Jane??  Anyway, Nov. 20th is coming…not soon enough!  Here’s a link to the trailer! http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/2009/09/extended-version-of-trailer.html

Here’s a a pic of Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and my second husband Robert Pattinson. (got the pic at twicrackaddict.blogspot.com)

great picture of the 3 of them

great picture of the 3 of them

And, how cute is Kristen Stewart’s hair??? She had to do something to grow out the mullet. And her skin?  Luminous. Makes me impatient for my summer tan to face…

**Editing back in…Tanya is right…KStew does need to work on her posture…stand tall and be proud!  Heck, if I was a movie star, had glossy hair, luminous skin AND boinking Rob Pattinson I would be so ecstatic I would be f*cking levitating >;-)

Ugh couple of days

No real reason. Just feeling like everyone wants a piece of me…and I all really want to do is sit on a lounge chair, with a margarita, being waited on hand and foot. ALONE.  grumble.  May be the weather.  We are suddenly having actual summer weather, complete with DC humidity. And, after Brad’s bday dinner (steak fajitas and margaritas! yum!) I woke up puffed up like a blowfish.  Could barely straighten my fingers the next morning.  sigh.

Have been following the Twilight/New Moon stuff on Comic-Con.  Looking WAY forward to Nov. 20th when the new movie comes out.  That little Taylor guy has really beefed up. He’s hot but he makes me feel icky b/c he is 17! And, Kristin Stewart’s mullet makes me cringe.  Poor thing.  I guess she’ll have a wig or extensions for Eclipse?Know what I like about her?  Her fuck you attitude.  She’s like ‘I’m not wearing some ridiculous Paris Hiilton party dress…I’m wearing a dirty looking tshirt and skinny jeans’   I’ve read that she is a Serious Actress so she doesn’t have to do all that perfect princess bullshit. Love it.  RPatz is still goofy and British and cute.  Feel badly for him b/c there is this whole ‘who has the better abs?’ thing and he lost! LOL  He is British…they don’t get 6 packs!  They smoke and drink and have fun! LOL  (cheers to my friends from the UK!)

One more Comic Con thing…why is Megan Fox a Young Whore?  She is gorgeous, beautiful coloring, thin, etc etc. Why is she Maxim magazine rather than Vogue (although I think she may have done Vogue recently??)  There’s just something whore-ish about her.  She seems like the type who doesn’t have any girlfriends b/c she will def. bang your boyfriend and not feel badly about it!  Naturally, Brad thinks she’s hot.  Sigh.

Gotta get ready for a Friday Night Date.  Seeing some fun friends so….WOOOT!  Bob and “Fawn” (not her real name but she asked for an Old Whore alias for blogging purposes!)  Last time we went out, we ended up at a bar in Georgetown, discussing nasty sex terms that I have never heard of like “Dirty Sanchez” (google it b/c I am NOT telling you what it is!)  Was laughing til tears ran down my face and snot was flying out of my nose! Hmmm…Maybe I should take a nap? Not likely w/my adorable kiddoes sucking the life out of me.  Peter has the MMMMMOOOOMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY (yell and repeat) and Garrett has more of a foghorn sound ‘MMMMMOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM’…and Brad will chime in w/ ‘KKKKKKEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLL???’  Dog barking, cat meowing.  Me with gun to head.

Where was I?  Oh!  Time to get ready! Happy Friday!