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The Gossip Boy: Did Taylor Let John In Her Wonderland?

Oh please, please, let this be an ugly rumor…

via The Gossip Boy: Did Taylor Let John In Her Wonderland?.


Taylor Swift Monologue

She is hilarious.  Little Taylor Swift says ‘douche bag’!  LOL  I love the term douche bag. Horrifying and wrong and funny.

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I heart Taylor Swift!

I just love her. To be honest, I didn’t really ever give her much thought until the hideous incident w/Kanye West brought out the mama bear protectiveness in me!  But, she really handled herself so well and now I love her!  Anyway, she hosted SNL last night and just killed it. She sang a song…check out some of the lyrics:

– “I like writing songs about douchebags who cheat on me but I’m not gonna say that in my monologue.”

– “You might think I’d bring up Joe [Jonas], that guy who broke up with me on the phone, but I’m not gonna mention him in my monologue. Hey Joe, I’m doing real well. Tonight, I’m hosting SNL but I’m not gonna brag about that in my monologue. La la la. Ha ha ha. La la la.”

– “And if you’re wondering if I might be dating the werewolf from Twilight. Hey Taylor [Lautner]! (blows kiss, winks) But I’m not gonna comment on that in my monologue.”

– “You might be expecting me to say something bad about Kanye [West] and how he ran up on stage and ruined my VMA monologue. But there’s nothing more to say cuz everything’s okay. I’ve got security lining the stage. It’s my SNL monologue.”

Taylor finished off the song by saying, “We have a great show. Kanye West is NOT here, so stick around. We’ll be right back.”

Read more: http://justjared.buzznet.com/#ixzz0WHVjnDrJ

Taylor Swift Blows Taylor Lautner A Kiss During SNL Monologue.

Kanye West is a Douche Bag – http://dlisted.com/

In case you missed it (and until I became this weird teeny bopper Twilight person I would NOT have been watching the MTV VMAs either!), Kanye West ruined poor little Taylor Swift’s award acceptance speech. Got on stage, took the mic, and said Beyonce is better or some b/s like that.

It reminded me of the movie Carrie when Sissy Spacek is standing there, in her pretty dress and hair all done up, and then down comes the pig blood…AWFUL! Taylor Swift is adorable and so so so young…made me feel all Mama Bear and protective of her.


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