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A Shirtless Tiger Woods Graces Magazine Cover | RadarOnline.com

eeuuww! WTF, Vanity Fair??  Why is he on the cover?  And without a shirt???  eeeuuuuwwwwwww

A Shirtless Tiger Woods Graces Magazine Cover | RadarOnline.com.


From Twitter-re: Tiger Woods

I follow “shitmydadsays’ on Twitter. It’s a 29 yr old guy who lives with his 73 yr old dad.  And, this is what his dad just said:

“I like See’s candy. Put me in a See’s store, I’m eating candy. The whole world is Tiger’s See’s store, and the candy is vagina.”

Tiger’s Wall Of Whores

So, when is the woman a ‘mistress’ and when is she just a whore? I think if you’re one of 9 (or MORE) b*tches Tiger Woods is banging, you’re not a mistress, you’re just another whore.

Believe me, I know HE is the biggest whore of them all.  When did he find the time to do all these women?  When did he find time to impregnate his wife, twice?  How do you find the time and energy to keep all the lies straight?

I wish we were not this culture of Worship the Athlete. Just b/c the guy is a great athlete does NOT make him a great person. Usually the opposite.

Kind of fun watching these a-holes crash and burn though.  Watching their publicity machines try to somehow spin this ugliness. And, the lawyers.  All the whores, incl.  Tiger, are all lawyered up.  Love means never having to hire a lawyer, right?  LOL

Tiger’s Wall Of Whores

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Blab Blab Blab: Dirty Tiger Sex in the Locker Room

Honestly, why are people so surprised and up in arms about this?  He is a professional athlete. It seems like none of them have any morals. Stop trying to make someone a ‘role model’ for anything but athletics.

Oh, and if he suddenly ends up in ‘rehab’ as part of his ‘penance’ I will f*cking throw up.  It seems like it’s a PR fix-all…say you’re so sorry and then go to rehab and it’s all better. UGH.

Blab Blab Blab: Dirty Tiger Sex in the Locker Room.