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My 2009 Words!

I can still remember the THRILL of adding a word to the Urban Dictionary!  July 15th. Published! Woot! Adding to the English language! Me??!! 🙂

To review:

  1. Cougwhore
  2. Old Whore
  3. Mysterious Male Friend
  4. Festival of Whores
  5. Whoregasm
  6. Priestentious
  7. Cougar Maintenance
  8. Cougar Mange

Click the link and go to Urban Dictionary!

Words from Me


Kristen Stewart’s Shoes Will Be The Death of Me

So, you can’t possibly have missed all the New Moon hoopla over this past week. (OMG, 7 days away!!!!)  They are truly traveling the globe to promote a movie that is already predicted to be a HUGE hit. I plan on seeing it several times AND buying the dvd. Sorry, Frug. It has to be done.

Anyway, when I’ve checked out the press tour pix AND when I’ve been able to tear my eyes away from Robert Pattinson, I have become intoxicated with Kristen Stewart’s SHOES. I want her SHOES. And, her boyfriend. But, since I am A) Married and B) sadly old enough to be the man’s MOTHER (shoot me), I shall settle for these shoes.




badass boots baby


WOW, sky high peep toes!


from the Harper's Bazaar shoot


classic black F*ck Me Pumps


these are cool and kinda crazy


Red Platform Loubs - NOT Dorothy's Ruby Slippers

and finally, the ones I had a whoregasm over today:


OMG, these ankle booties!! Panting, Drooling, Quivering

Maybe if I am a good girl, Santa Frug will come thru??  Yes??  Hopeless…sigh…


Yes, I have been ‘published’ AGAIN! The new word…well, it’s an old word but I have given a new definition…ready?

the intense orgasm had after doing something very slutty…
“I know I shouldn’t have cheated on Ted…but I had such a whoregasm w/Rob…”


“I felt so slutty wearing that bondage outfit but WOW – what a whoregasm!”

Check the Urban Dictionary…mine is currently definition #2! Looks like you can give the definition a thumbs up or a thumbs down…thumbs UP!