Petty Annoyances – March 12th

(yes, yes, they are petty – even for me)

Bought 8 dresses for the event tonight. Chose the top 4 for the Frug to look at and give me his opinion

Am annoyed that his opinion means so much.

Am extra annoyed that he instinctively picked the one I liked thw least AND was the cheapest! *growls*

Annoyed that if I went ahead and wore one of the ones he didn’t like, he would be passively -aggressively pissy with me all night.

Annoyed that I can’t get my hair blown out “normally” – it wants to flip UP a la Mrs. Brady.

Annoyed that the stylist whispered to the shampoo boy “use the anti frizz shampoo and coniditioner” in a judgey way.

Annoyed that, after 4 years, the children don’t know that leaving food on the table = food being eaten by the dog.  And he does not care if you haven’t eaten a bite yet — you walked away, it’s his.

Also annoyed that, after 4 years, the freaking dog cannot be trusted NOT to eat their food.

Off to the auction. Mama needs a drink.


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